# Users

The users page allows you to create / view / edit / delete user within GravaMetrics. GravaMetrics is a multi-tenant system in that all users have their own account that they can upload data, create datasources and dashboards in but groups of these user are brought together to form a "tenant".

Every users account is tied to a tenant, if the user creates their own account from the register page a new tenant is created if they are inviting by an existing user then the invited users tenant will be the same as the inviting users tenant.

The tenant system is important because all users that are part of a tenant can see all users within their tenant. All users are allowed to invite users into their tenant. The users page shows the current user all users within their tenant. Billing is also done on a tenant by tenant basis so any user in a tenant can add billing details.

The users page shows a list of all the tenant users:


The list can be searched using the search box at the top of the page. At the right of the search box there are three buttons these allows the user to:

  • Download the Users Spreadsheet Template
  • Upload a users Spreadsheet
  • Create a new User

If the Create User button is clicked (the plus icon) then the Create New User popup is displayed:

Create New User

The following fields must be filled in for each user:

  • First Name - The users first name
  • Last Name - The users last name
  • Email Address - The users email address

The following are optional fields:

  • Groups - The set of groups that the user is to be part of

Bulk Import

All of these are available to be uploaded in the spreadsheet upload as well. Uploading via spreadsheet is more effective when a large number of users is to be imported.

Once all these fields have been filled out and the Save button clicked the user will be sent and email to confirm that they own the email address and to setup a password.

The users list view shows the following columns:

  • First Name - The users first name
  • Last Name - The users last name
  • Email Address - The users email address
  • Confirmed - Indicates if the user has confirmed their
  • Groups - The number of groups the user is a member of
  • Dashboards - The number of dashboards the user has created
  • Datasources - The number of datasources the user has created
  • Created On - Date the user was created / edited
  • Actions - Edit / Delete

# Actions

The actions that can be performed on a user once they have been create are:

  • Edit - Opens up a similar window to the Create New User but allows editing of user fields. Please Note: only a user may edit their email address, via their profile page, once created
  • Delete - Deletes the user from the system after confirmation

User deletion

Deleting a user will also delete all their associated datasource / dashboards / schedules / shares. If all users are deleted from a tenant this will effectively close the account.