# Shares

Shares are entries that indicate that your user has shared a dashboard or a datasource. They are a powerful feature of GravaMetrics because not only do they allow the user to share their data and dashboards but also to add custom filters on who gets to see what. This means the right insight gets sent to the right person. The can be access through the top left menu under shares or through the share buttons on the dashboard / datasource edit pages:

Dashboard Dashboard Share

Dashboard Share

Datasources Datasource Share

If accessed through the top left menu the Shares list will be shown first:

Share List

This page acts similarly to any list page there is a search box that allows search a plus icon that takes the user to the create page and the List itself that contains the following columns:

  • Name - The name fo the share
  • Type - Either dashboard or datasource
  • Users - The number of users that this item is shared with
  • Shared Item Name - The name of the dashboard or datasource shared
  • Groups - The number of groups that this item has been shared with
  • Created On - The Date the share has been created / last edited on
  • Action - Edit / Delete the share

# Create

The create popup is displayed either from the dashboard / datasource share buttons or from the plus icon on the Share list page:

Create Share

The following fields must be filled out before saving:

  • Name - Name for the share
  • Type - Dashboard or Datasource
  • Dashboard - Dashboard to share only if type is Dashboard
  • Datasource - Datasource to share only if type is Datasource

The following fields are optional:

  • Users - Individual user(s) to share the datasource / dashboard with
  • Groups - Group(s) to share the datasource / dashboard with
  • Filter - Only shown if Type is Datasource allows user to create a filter on the data


If you are sharing a dashboard but have not shared the datasources associated with that dashboard the share will not work correctly. You will be shown a list of datasources that are to be shared when creating the dashboard share.

# Filter

If the user is sharing a datasource then they will be given the option to setup a filter on the share. This filter will apply when the user that the data is being shared with tries to access the data in any way. So, for example, if there is a query for data on a dashboard that has been shared with a user and the datasource has a filter the share filter will be applied first before the dashboard query has been run. To setup a filter you must select a sheet for the filter and then drag and drop data from the Data column into the filter column:

Share Filter

Once data has been dragged over to the filter box the filter operator is seen at the top. This is used when there is more than one data item in the filter if the operator is AND both conditions must be true if the filter operator is OR then either can be true.

Depending on the Type of the data being filtered there are various different comparison methods:

Type Comparison Methods
Numeric Exact Equality. Inequality, Existence and Limit
Date Exact Equality. Inequality, Existence and Limit, Modifier
Text Exact Equality. Pattern Equality, Existence and Limit

Once all your settings are completed click the Save button to save the share

# Edit

Click on this action in the Share list to edit the share. A popup similar to the Create popup will appear and allow you to alter any of the settings of the share.

# Delete

Clicking on this action will permanently and irreversibly delete the share. A confirmation popup will appear after which the system will delete the share.