# Schedules

Dashboards and datasource can be Scheduled to be sent via email via Schedules. Scheduling is setup from the top left menu and select either Dashboards -> Schedules or Datasource -> Schedule:


The dashboard / datasource Schedules screen are both similar in that they bring up a list page:

Schedules List

The following columns are shown:

  • Name - name of the Schedule
  • Created On - The date the group was created / edited
  • Frequency - Summary of what frequency is being used for this schedule
  • Dashboards - List of dashboards scheduled (only available for dashboards -> schedule)
  • Datasources - List of datasources scheduled (only available for datasources -> schedule)
  • Action - List of action that the user can do to the schedule e.g. Edit / Delete


This list can be filtered by entering text into the search textbox.

# Create

You can create a new schedule by clicking the plus icon next to the search textbox. Clicking this will open the Create New Schedule popup:

Create New Schedule

The following fields are available when creating a schedule:

  • Name - name used to identify the schedule later
  • Frequency - How often the schedule is sent
  • Dashboard / Datasources - Multi-select (control click on windows / cmd click on mac) that allows to select multiple datasource / dashboards to send
  • Format - Should the dashboard be sent as a links or Pdfs
  • Recipients - Email addresses of users to send to (type the email and press enter to enter multiple)
  • Subject - Subject of email that is sent
  • Email Content - Email content in markdown format

Custom Frequency

The Custom frequency type allows cron job syntax (opens new window) to setup schedules.

# Actions

The following actions are available for a schedule:

  • Copy - Creates a copy of the schedule with the name originalname (Copy)
  • Edit - Opens an edit window that allows the user to change any property of the schedule
  • Delete - Permanently Deletes the schedule