# Profile

The profile page allows the user to change various data related to their user. It is accessed by clicking on the profile picture in the top right of the screen and selecting profile from the drop-down menu.


The following user data can be changed here:

  • First Name - used when sharing data or dashboards with other users to display the owner of the data
  • Last Name - used in conjunction with the First Name
  • Email Address - used to logging into the system
  • Password - used for logging into the system
  • Profille Picture - Used for the top right menu
  • 2 Factor Authentication - See next section

To change any of these fields enter the new values and select the Update Profile Button. For the profile picture click the Edit button and upload a picture then select the area you wish to show with the preview window and click Done.

# 2 Factor Authentication

Two Factor authentication provides additional security to your account. It is recommended to enable this for you account. To enable click the Enable 2 Factor Authentication checkbox, scan the QR code in your authenticator app and enter the code from your app.

Update Profile

You must remember to select the Update Profile button to save any of these settings including 2 factor authentication.