# Groups

The groups page allows you to setup groups of users that can be used to share datasources or dashboards with. An example of the usage of gourps would be to setup departments and filter datasource only to data for those specific departments. In this example department users would login and only see dashboards / data that is relevant to them.

The groups page shows a list of the currently setup groups within the system:

Groups List

The following columns are shown:

  • Name - name of the group
  • Users - number of users in this group
  • Created On - The date the group was created / edited
  • Action - List of action that the user can do to the group e.g. Edit / Delete


This list can be filtered by entering text into the search textbox.

# Create

To create a group click the plus icon next to the search box and the Create Group popup will be displayed:

Create Group

Enter a name and select the users from the multi-select drop-down box then click save.


The multi-select drop-down shows the top 4 users by default to find another user start typing their name and the list will filter to the user you wish to add.

If you do not want to manually add each user to a group then you should:

  • Create the groups manually on the groups page
  • Upload a Users spreadsheet using the upload functionality on the Users page and include a group


You must create the groups that you want first before uploading users otherwise when uploading your users in bulk the system will fail to find the groups.

# Edit

Click on the Edit button to change either the name of the group or the users that are currently in a group.

# Delete

Click on the delete button to delete the group. You will be asked to confirm the deletion and once confirmed the group will be deleted from the system.

Group Deletion

Once deleted any shares that use the group will not function properly and will need to be updated.