# Billing

The billing page lets you choose what plan type and billing frequency you wish. It is accessed by clicking on the profile picture in the top right of the screen and selecting Billing from the drop-down menu. When you first enter this page or if you have not choosen a plan you will see the billing wizard:

Billing Wizard

You can select annual or monthly billing using the switch at the top of the wizard then select the plan you wish to buy buy selecting the appropriate Choose button. The next step in the wizard will show you how much the plan will cost you and allow you to enter your card details:

Card Details

If you wish to go back to choose another plan click the Plan button above Enter Billing Details. Once you have entered your card details choose the Pay button to begin the payment process. The payment processor that GravaMetrics uses is stripe (opens new window) which is fully PCI compliant. Once the payment has completed you will be shown the billing details instead of the billing wizard:

Billing Details

The billing details hows the plan type and billing cycle selected and the overall status of the account. The Upgrade button allows the user to change the plan type or the billing cycle. To Cancel the account you can select the Cancel button on this page.

You can also update the account Card Information buy clicking the Update button next ot the card details, entering the new card details and clicking Save.

Invoices are shown in the Invoices section and can be downloaded by clicking the invoice link which will take you to the invoice details within stripe.

The right hand column on this page show the currently available number of Dashboards / Users / Datasources / Schedules.

Combined Counts

Please note that these numbers are combined for all users that you have invited to your account. So if you invite 10 users each who have 10 dashboards then your total number of dashboards used will be 100 dashboards.

# Plan Types

The following plan types are available:

  • Personal - For small accounts to share dashboards and data with only a small number of users
  • Professional - A step up from the Personal this is suited to freeelancers that have a few number of clients
  • Business - For smaller buisnesses that want to share data / dashboards within their company
  • Business Plus - For larger buisnesses needing more that what the Business plan offers

# On Premise / Enterprise Options

If none of the plan types are suitable and / or you would prefer to hosted the system on premise then please contact us at [email protected] so that we can arrange a meeting.