# Home

Here you can access the complete documentation for Gravametrics, where all your data comes together.

# What is GravaMetrics?

GravaMetrics is a web app that allows you to upload data from multiple different sources, create visualizations of that data and then share these.

If you need to know more about how to use GravaMetrics and the real details about how everything works you've come to the right place.

GravaMetrics lets you pull together multiple different datasources to provide your business with actionable insight.

# Why would I use it?

GravaMetrics allows you to put your data from multiple datasource together into one system and for multiple users to access this data and create visualizations. You can also filter data such that users only see the relavent data from them. If you have:

  • Sales data to share with your team
  • Data that you wish to analyse
  • Operational data that you want to show on a TV display
  • A recurring report that features data from multiple sources
  • Data you wish to share but only want users to see their own relavent data

So if any of these seem to be problems that you are having let's get started.

# Getting Started

You first need to start by registering an account. Click here (opens new window) to register you account. Once you have regsitered you account then you should get an email with a link that you should click to confirm your account. After that you can login here (opens new window).

When you first login you should see a tour. It is highly recommended that you follow the tour so that you will be able to:

  • Create a new Excel Datasource
  • Create a simple dashboard
  • Add a chart to the dashboard

After you have finished that then you should play around with some of the screens and functionality to see how the system works.

For example:

  • Add some markdown text on your dashboard
  • Customize the dashboard background color
  • Change the order on your chart
  • Upload your own data into the system.
  • Change which column is used in the grouping in the example from the tour
  • Change aggregation methods in the example
  • Share the dashboard publicly this will get you used to some of the functionality of GravaMetrics.

Exploration of the system is encouraged to be organic so it it's best if you find out for yourself what you need help with. If you have any questions about something that you would like to do but that doesn't seem possible people email info[email protected]

The rest of this document describes the basic functions of the homepage and how to navigate the UI in general.

# Homepage

The homepage displays the last 9 dashboards and datasources.


If you have not created any dashboard or datasource then text will appear that will ask you to create a dashboard or datasource.

On the homepage clicking the black Dashboards / Datasources text above the Plus button will take you to the Dashboard / Datasources List page where you will be able to edit / copy / delete dashboards. Clicking on any of the preview squares will take you to the view mode.

The grey Plus square will take you into create page for eiher dashboards or datasources.

There are two menus that can be accessed at the top left of the screen and at the top right of the screen. The top left Menu is the main navigation menu for majority of the operations that you will use on a day to day basis. It is accessed by clicking the three bars:

Main Menu

Minimize this menu by clicking the three bars when the menu is popped out or click anywhere on the screen that is not within the menu.

At the top right of the screen there is a drop-down menu that allow access to less commonly used actions. It is accessed by clicking on the profile picture:

Secondary Menu

This allows you to setup billing and change profile details like your first and lastname and to change you password. Two factor authentication is also setup here.

Also on the top menu is the search bar. This allows access to search the system for Dashboards / Datasources / Schedules / Users. Access it by typing in a search term and pressing the enter key.

Search page

Once in the Search page the search term entered appears in the "What are you searching for?" box. This can be changed to refilter the search results. With the tabs displaying if they can find anything under that term.

Clicking on the Name column will take you to that item.

# Notifications

The bell icon on the top right of the page shows your recent notifications. Each of the notifications can be dismissed by clicking the X icon in the list that is accessed by clicking on the bell icon:


The main source of notifications are when you receive a dashboard sent via a schedule. System notification may appear when there is scheduled maintainence or some other system wide announcement.

# Mobile layout

Mobile layout is slightly different in that there is less screen space to work with so most of the text that you see in these screenshots has been replaced with icons.